Look, I'm English, Robin Hood is part of my heritage, but we're done. Leave it the hell alone for a decade or two. If you want medieval Europe is full of stories; if you want arrows and brand recognition, William Tell hasn't been done for a while. Or better yet, Roland, or Finn McCool, anything but bloody Robin Hood. » 2/27/15 2:04am Friday 2:04am

Literally the only advantage I've ever been able to see is lower cost. I've often wondered if chopsticks lead to better dietary habits through eating more slowly, but then I've seen Asian people scarfing down bowls of food at industrial speeds and discounted that idea. » 2/25/15 8:44am Wednesday 8:44am

I originally trained as a draughtsman, using pen on film. It was a skill that was partially redundant even before I finished training, as I pretty much moved on to CAD systems full time (and subsequently changed careers completely). Its been so long since I've been in a design office I don't even know if drawing… » 2/25/15 4:58am Wednesday 4:58am

We don't hate the French. Not really. We like to pretend we hate the French, because its traditional, but there's nothing behind it any more. What the French think about us, I'm not so sure. I know lots of French people (lots of English friends married to French people, my ex-wife lives in France and I used to have a… » 2/25/15 6:46am Wednesday 6:46am

Yes, its an issues with all renewables. Until the storage problem is solved (which doesn't necessarily mean actual storage, really good arbitrage could work as well), it will continue to be an issue. » 2/25/15 6:30am Wednesday 6:30am

Yes, but he explains the justification for why outcomes were generally inevitable, and there's a lot to back that up. I'm also never entirely sure why people seem to think his conclusions are somehow racist, I find them quite the reverse; there's nothing intrinsically special about Europeans (or the other candidates… » 2/24/15 11:17am Tuesday 11:17am

Its really, really simple. Europe: socialised healthcare, doesn't do unnecessary procedures. America: privatised healthcare, adds circumcision to the price of giving birth because it makes doctors more money. That's all there is to it. » 2/24/15 7:39am Tuesday 7:39am

I wanted to go here when I was in Moscow a few years ago but it was shut, so we went to the nearby VDNKh Park which is full of Soviet era rockets, satellite and Soyuz capsules. Unfortunately most of them seemed to have been used for storing vegetables since the fall of the Soviet Union. Not big on looking after their… » 2/24/15 7:32am Tuesday 7:32am

My Dad had one, and I always remember what a hoot it was as a passenger (I must have been 14-15) but it had ridiculous amounts of body roll for a supposedly "sporty" car. He replaced it with an MR2 (he and I shared similar tastes in mid-life crises as it turned out), just because of the engine, which was what I… » 2/23/15 11:06am Monday 11:06am

Got to say, I didn't have any of those misconceptions, although the perspective here seems to come from primarily English Medieval sources; the differences in classes for example, were structured very differently in other parts of Europe; as indeed was the importance of mounted knights (who were generally a bigger… » 2/19/15 3:19pm 2/19/15 3:19pm

I'd be very surprised if Brandy was a Dutch invention. I know the name has a Dutch root, but its distilled wine and Holland isn't exactly known for its vinyards. Far more likely to have originated in a wine growing region. » 2/19/15 11:23am 2/19/15 11:23am

Try Ireland. The top of the range model is 100,000 Euros. One hundred grand. Now I know the Euro has taken a beating lately, (thanks Greece) but that price was set before the currency tanked. » 2/18/15 3:54pm 2/18/15 3:54pm

I like it. Shame that no matter what price they announce, it will be 20-30K too much. Unless they can make something like this for less than a Cayman, it's never going to be anything other than a pretty curiosity. » 2/18/15 7:39am 2/18/15 7:39am