LOL. You had me right up until "when the British left". Slight underplaying of the facts there wouldn't you say? More along the lines of "when the British said, fuck this, we're sick of getting shot at and blown up by all these people just off the boat, bye." Jewish influx went from about 10% of the population in 1920… » 7/24/14 10:51am Today 10:51am

You have a loose definition of 'best'. What's the cost of living in those countries and how much taxation is there? Isn't at least some of those countries you list known for high taxes? Gee, I wonder why. I've had 2 business trips to England in the last 6 months. I've talked to my colleagues over there. They don't…

» 7/23/14 2:11am Yesterday 2:11am

AJ Hackett are insanely professional so I wouldn't be too worried about the safety aspect; I did the Nevis jump in New Zealand and they certainly hype up the fear factor (the heading on your personal information form is "Toe Tag"), but you're really not in danger. I did a jump off the Livingstone bridge in Zambia a… » 7/22/14 8:22am Tuesday 8:22am

One of the problems in Ireland is that lots of restaurants don't include a gratuities line on their chip and PIN terminal (its much more common in the UK); the number of times I've seen people leaving restaurants asking each other if they have change for a tip is unreal. Of course restaurants have to pay the merchant… » 7/22/14 6:29am Tuesday 6:29am

What an incredibly snarky article. I can tell you right now 90% of humanity wouldn't know what peer-to-peer means, never mind back when that judgement was written. In trying to showcase the ignorance of non-technically-literate judges, you're just displaying your ignorance of how the world actually works and that… » 7/18/14 4:23am 7/18/14 4:23am

Cloning as it currently stands doesn't actually create as many ethical issues as it seems at first (I could see issues with one parent wanting to clone a dead child and the other parent objecting, but similar legal issues already exist with frozen sperm etc.) Therapeutic cloning on the other hand, has a range of… » 7/17/14 2:11pm 7/17/14 2:11pm

Hated that airport, and this article has actually explained an experience I had there over 20 years ago when I was a student. Bunch of us were on the way home after backpacking around the islands over the summer and we were waiting for our (extremely late) departure in the middle of the night, when all of a sudden we… » 7/17/14 6:14am 7/17/14 6:14am

Got to say, this is a pretty poor list. The Trabant, fair enough, but you could also add such Socialist delights as the Wartburg 353 to the list. Then you can start on VW. New Beetle? Cynical but not actually bad. Old Beetle? Bad. Most aircooled 60s VWs are (rose-tinted spectacles off) terrible, terrible cars. Then… » 7/16/14 6:32am 7/16/14 6:32am