When Barry and Joe have a heart-to-heart, Barry casually mentions his scientific heroes, including Neil deGrasse Tyson and… uh… Richard Dawkins? I feel like a non-science-aware Flash writer probably meant Richard Feynman and got confused, don't you?

» 1/29/15 1:32am Yesterday 1:32am

Seriously considering one of these for the wife, but the problem (here in Europe) is that its not getting the new diesel engines for a year (I guess the Jag XE has first call) so the initial launch cars will have worse residuals and you'll pay higher tax. » 1/28/15 7:46am Wednesday 7:46am

Agree with everything you're saying, but, hindsight is a wonderful thing. At the time there was definitely a view that the arab parts of the coalition wouldn't have held together if the US had pressed on to Baghdad, and there was definitely a "quit while you're ahead" vibe going on; don't forget prior to the actual… » 1/28/15 4:47am Wednesday 4:47am

Yeah, because that's what you do every time you meet a "person of colour" at work; "I say, I've noticed you're not white old chap. How peculiar". Give me a break. "Person of Colour" is flavour of the month, and a year from now it'll be something else. Who the Hell can keep up? Frankly, if he'd have said "BAME" (latest… » 1/27/15 12:03pm Tuesday 12:03pm

...or stick it up their nose. My 3-year old stuck an unpopped popcorn kernel up his nostril the other day. Cue panicked father pinning his boy down to stop him pushing it up further while I searched around for anything in reach to get it out. I used a chopstick. » 1/23/15 7:52am 1/23/15 7:52am